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Welcome to Basic FBA/BSP for School Personnel


Basic FBA is the newest version of "Practical FBA" by Sheldon Loman & Chris Borgmeier

The link above will provide access to the original manual, materials, and presentations

Email: sheldon.loman@gmail.com


Introductory Slides



Presentation from APBS Conference in San Diego, CA: March 29, 2013:

Basic FBA to BSP: Evidence of Efficient Training of School Personnel

Sheldon Loman, Chris Borgmeier, & Kathleen Strickland-Cohen


Presentation from APBS Conference in San Diego, CA: March 28th, 2013:

Can We Train You to Identify Function-based Behavioral Interventions in an Hour?

-BSP Pre-Test

-BSP Post-Test

Chris Borgmeier & Sheldon Loman



4-Part Basic FBA Training Materials: 

     Part 1: Defining & Understanding Behavior

     Part 2: Investigating Behavior

     Part 3: Observing Behavior

     Part 4: Designing Function-Based Supports








Link to Additional Tier 3 PBIS Resources


Past Presentations 





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